Quick info

We are happy to have schools visit our Park.
Our main objective for school visits is to enjoy learning about birds and nature.
Schools may book a visit during school terms. We suggest a full day (around 5 hours depending on group size) to experience everything.
We always recommend someone visits the park beforehand.
We only allow one school in at a time with a maximum of 45 students who must be accompanied by 2-10 monitors (depending on group size and age).
While visiting the bird areas, the number must be split into smaller groups so that the birds are disturbed as little as possible. The size of the groups will depend on the ages of the students.

Plan your school visit


Schools will be provided with a detailed guide to all areas in the park; we leave it up to the school teachers to enhance the visit according to the age and aptitudes of the students.
Detailed written information about the birds and areas will be provided along with a map. A preview of this information will passed after payment.

Below you can find details of the main areas

Times are approximate and depend on the age and aptitude of the students:

1st Area

The Bird Area is the main attraction of our park.
Most of our birds are around 12-15cm but we do have a few of the larger species. Within this area we have informative displays to learn about wild bees, insects and bats.
This route also includes other animals like tortoise, rabbits and donkeys.
60-90 min

2nd Area

The Wildlife Area has various small local animals and bird replicas. This area is particularly orientated for smaller children. There is also a wildlife pond where frogs and other animal life can be highlighted.
30-40 min

3rd Area

The Woodland Walk is designed to test everyone's observational skills.
On this route full size replicas of native animals can be found in there natural habitat.
As you find them you will be able to explain to the students about these animals with the information we provide.
45-60 min

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we are not doing personal guided tours, but several staff members will be around to answer any questions you may have.

Parking and Picnic

A large free car park is available just 150m away.
There is a gravelled road from the car park to the entrance.
All vehicles (especially buses) must park at this car park.
There are multiple shaded picnic areas in the park which you can freely use.

Reservation and Payment info

Reservation of the Date

Reservations can only be made during school term and with a maximum of 45 students.
The following info must be filled in the form below:

● Name of the person in charge and the name of the school/group
● A contact email and telephone
● Number of teachers/monitors accompanying the group (we request a minimum of one teacher per 10 pupils, two if the children are 6 or under)
● Number and ages of the students, seperated by age groups
● Estimated date, time of arrival and departure
● If any of the students have special needs

We will reply as soon as possible with availability and estimated price.
When the details are agreed upon, a 50€ DEPOSIT for less than 30 pupils or 100€ for over 30 must be paid before the date is reserved.
This deposit is non-refundable, however if the date needs to be changed due to bad weather or other extenuating circumstances then it can be.

Payment information

The cost of the visit is per student/monitor/teacher; The price depends on how many are visiting:

● 5-19 people = 6.75€
● 20-29 people = 6.38€
● 30+ people = 6.00€

Full payment must be made at the very least 10 days before the visit. Payment can be made via:
● Bank Transfer
● Bizum


Smoking, music or footballs are not allowed in the Park.
All students must be accompanied at all times by their respective monitors who are responsible for their conduct.
All animals, including replicas must be respected along with the gardens.
We ask that you please keep the noise around the bird areas to a minimum and ensure children do not bang the cages.
During the visit please also make sure all bathroom taps are turned off and rubbish collected or put in the proper recycling bins.

Billing Information and Contact Details

Group 1 - Required
Group 2 - Optional
Group 3 - Optional
Group 4 - Optional