Party booking request form

This form is for booking a “Party”
Once sent we will validate the information and verify if that date is available.
Please take into account that the date you request might not be available, if so we will notify you as soon as possible with another date.
“Booking Fee” payment will be requested if the date is approved and can be made via PayPal, Bank Transfer or by visiting the park and is non refundable should you cancel later on.
Information on how to pay is provided when the date is approved.


  1. Booking fee must be paid at least 1 week before the party to ensure availability and space (the sooner, the better).
  2. On entrance full payment must be made by the organiser.
  3. Parties with children must be supervised by adults (min. 1 adult for every 5); failure to have adequate supervision can result in being denied access to the park (more info will be supplied before booking).
  4. The booking fee is Not refundable should you not come in.
  5. Booked dates can be modified within a period of 1 month (e.g due to bad weather)
    Upon payment at the entrance for the party, a discount equal to the booking fee will be applied.
  6. Instructions set in our Terms and Conditions must be accepted.

Due to server problems, if you get “Server error. Form not sent” please contact us by WhatsApp : 693009949