Who, Why and How

The Who: We are a long resident British family with a huge love for nature and helping others.
The Why: Not only to educate about our wonderful planet but also to facilitate a relaxing atmosphere for family's and friends to enjoy.
The How: From and old abandoned vineyard we have laboured with love for over 11 years to construct and manage our park as a private entity, without government help.

Our Birds!

The Who: On your visit you will enjoy the sight of over 100 birds from all parts of the world, with their diverse colours, sizes, shapes and personalities!
The Why: Most parks concentrate on large well known species. But with 1:8 birds now endangered we thought the little guys should also be known and helped to survive.
The How We strive to ensure all our birds have a life and environment which would make it possible for future offspring to be released back into their natural habitat, should the need arise.

Donkeys, Rabbits and other animals!

In the park we love to have as much variety as we can and who can resist our adorable Donkeys, Olivia and Sombra, our fluffy, friendly rabbits (which love to be fed grass!), plodding tortoise and friendly chickens. With time we hope to add other animals into the park.

Large Picnic Areas!

We love to see our visitors relaxing and enjoying themselves!
In the park you will find two large picnic areas (one right next to the play area) where you can enjoy a rest and your own picnic with you're friends and family
Don't worry, there is plenty of shade from the sun!

Enjoy nature!

There is so much to learn about nature!
Our ponds and cultivated plants shows how beautiful gardens can be made without destroying nature and with minimal use of precious water.
The gardens attract and provide natural year round food such as seeds and pollen for our animals and local diminishing populations of birds, bats, bees, butterflies and other insects as well as reptiles and amphibians.
Keep your eyes open to spot them!

Extra Activities!

We understand that not everyone has out pation for birds and gardens, so we have added some extra activities, not just for the kids but also for the adults!
On your visit you can also enjoy:
Mini Safari Golf!
Enjoy a game of golf with the family while learning about endangered animals!
Woodland Walk!
Take a trip around the nearly 1km forest trail and try to find the replicas of local wild life hiding among the trees!
Can you find them all?
more to come in the future ...