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The Park & the Birds!

The park was built on the foundations of wanting to enjoy nature and also help it in its time of need.
Many of the birds you will find in the park are in the Conservation status, meaning that they are in the class of "Threatened Species"
On your visit you will enjoy the sight of over 100 birds from all parts of the world, and their diverse colours, sizes and shapes!

Donkeys, Rabbits and other animals!

In the park we strive to have as much variety as we can.
Around the park you will find other animals apart from the birds, such as our two Donkeys, Olivia and Sombra, our fluffy, friendly rabbits (wich love to be fed grass!), and other animals we slowly introduce into the park.

Large Picnic Area!

Part of the orientation of the park is the enjoyment of time with the family.
In the park you will find two large picnic areas where you can enjoy a rest with you friends and family and a bite to eat.
Don't worry, the picnic areas have shading from the sun!

Enjoy the nature!

One of the other objectives of the park is the enjoyment of nature.
You will notice on your visit the diverse plant life and wild life.
In the park you may notice that we do not remove all of the, so called, weeds. This is to supply the wild life and our own animals with natural food such as seeds and flower pollen.
Even the grass is natural, which means that it changes colour with the seasons and even dies to rejuvinate itself with the rains!
Also in the park we have ponds which the wild life enjoy, water is scarce in the region, so wild life is attracted to the park's water supply.

Extra Activities!

We understand that not all in the family might want to see only the birds.
So slowly we go adding extra activites.
Not just for the kids but also for the adults!
On your visit you can enjoy extra activites such as
Donkey Rides!
Enjoy a trip around the whole park!
Mini Safari Golf!
Enjoy a game of golf with the family and learn about endangered animals!
Woodland Walk!
Take a trip around the over 0.5km forest trail and try to find the replicas of local wild life hiding there!
Can you find them all?
and more to come soon ...

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